About Us

Ayush Flexipack Private Limited

The requirement and use of flexible packaging have developed significantly across the different business industries. Flexible packaging manufacturers are delivering one of the best innovative packaging solutions for nowadays modern supermarkets where it becomes hard for online consumers not to utilize these packaging solutions for their products.

Flexible packaging film benefits are various such as –

  • Versatility
  • Customization
  • Cost Reduction
  • Consumer Appeal

Ayush Flexipack Private Limited is glad quick, dependable lead times for every industry. It can stay up with your unforeseen timetable and assist you meet launch deadlines without compromising quality.


Lidding Material for PP Pet Tray – We supply Lidding Material for PP Pet Tray to protect your product quality & freshness.

Swab Packing and Medial Product Packaging – Swabs are used for gathering human material, and are assured sterile when packed, so that when they are unpack. There is no ‘contaminating’ material there on them. This makes them completely reliable. Swabs can be provided in a peel-pack or in a strong tube.

Poly Coated Paper Bopp Wrapping Grade Film – Sheets of Bopp films are used to make a variety of materials such as clear bags. In this sheet form it is broadly used in the production of stationery folders, packaging, and storage boxes, this material is perfect for protecting cover for papers and other material because of its wide scope of colors, durability, inexpensive and resistance to dirt.

Flexible Packaging Material – Flexible Packaging materials are used in several different markets from pet food and frozen food to nutritional supplements, cosmetics & cleaning products. Our flexible packaging materials are modified to your product’s specific barrier wants that will enhance long-term endurance and help your product defend against harmful outside elements as it sits on the shelf.

We at Ayush Flexipack have a great team of experts which are here to assist you choosing your packing design or make one form the starchy if you don’t have yet any specific design in mind. Interestingly, our team professionals know what sells in the market like a delight cake.

With our highly developed technology, we will make an eye-catching customized package for your products with your logo and design theme so that your products can be noticeable in the market better than competitors.